Backordered, Out-of-stock and Special Order Items

We do not guarantee that all items for sale through our website, catalog or advertising are in stock at all times. If you order an item and we do not have the stock to fulfill your order, you will be notified by a Univair salesperson. Our sales staff will provide expected delivery times based on the best information available to us.

Inventory we manufacture in-house can usually be replenished within 10-14 business days. Products we purchase from other companies have a similar time frame for replenishment, although some companies are taking longer due to production backlogs.


Built-to-order products, such as airframes, can take 4-6 weeks to manufacture and prepare for shipping. We do not stock these items due to their large size and low sales volume, so if you order one please expect about a 1-2 month turnaround time.


If your order contains items that are backordered, you have a few options:

  • Ship the in-stock items now, and ship the backordered items when they become available. Note that you will be required to pay the shipping charges on the additional shipments.
  • Ship the in-stock items now, and cancel the backordered items.
  • Cancel the entire order.

Note that backordered items are subject to price increases. Univair will charge you the current price of the item at the time the order is fulfilled, not the price at the time the order was placed.

Contact your salesperson to discuss your options.

Special Order Items

Some items we don't keep in stock due to their low sales volume. These items are ordered by us from the manufacturer and drop-shipped to you. Manufacturers that do not drop ship will send the order to us and then we re-ship it to you. This can result in a long turnaround time for delivery.

Some special order items require a non-refundable deposit before we will order the part for you.

Your salesperson will contact you if your order contains an Special Order item to discuss your options and provide an estimated delivery time.