Disclaimer on Google Shopping Ads

It has come to our attention that advertisements featuring our products in the Google Shopping feed are displaying incorrect information. This includes:

  • Incorrect shipping costs
  • Incorrect sales taxes
  • Incorrect "Delivery by" dates
  • Showing items as "in stock" when they are not

Please note that these are not ads that we placed nor pay for. Google uses an artificial intelligence bot to pull products from our website and post them on Google Shopping. When Google's bot can't find the correct stock level, shipping cost, tax rate, delivery time, etc. from our website, it simply adds it's own default value, which is nowhere near correct. We have no control over how Google displays this information on their website.

As such, Univair does not honor the product prices, shipping costs, delivery dates, taxes, inventory levels, etc. shown in the Google Shopping listings.

For more information see the following articles in our Help database:

The ads also mention a 14-day return window, which is also incorrect. Univair does not have a defined return window; we will accept returns on any product purchased from us provided it meets the conditions outlined in our Returns and Refunds Policy.

If you have any questions, please call our Sales Department during regular business hours.