Additional Shipping and Handling Fees

We have attempted to indicate in our product descriptions if an item will incur a special shipping or handling fee, and our website has been programmed to add fixed costs such as oversize fees, crate costs, and hazmat fees to the shipping quote you see during checkout. However, in the event that we have overlooked something we reserve the right to adjust your final shipping costs at the time your credit card is charged. Variable costs such as export fees and multiple package costs cannot be determined until your order is packed and ready to ship, therefore these costs are NOT shown in your shipping quote during checkout but will be added to your final bill at the time your order ships.

Note that our website shopping cart and checkout pages do not break down shipping costs into separate line items. All shipping costs and add-on fees are added together and shown as one line item during checkout.

  • The special fees described below are in addition to the shipping costs.
  • The prices shown here are accurate at the time this article was published. However, they may differ from what is programmed into our website.
  • Univair reserves the right to adjust your final shipping charges on your order at the time it ships and we collect payment. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions article.
  • All prices are shown in United States Dollars (USD).

Multiple Packages Per Order

Some orders may require multiple shipments based on size, weight, and quantities of items ordered. You will be charged actual shipping costs on ALL packages.

Oversize Fees

Packages that exceed 84 inches in girth (L x W x H) may incur oversize charges from FedEx and UPS. We have programmed our website to automatically add an oversize fee to certain products, however we reserve the right to adjust your final shipping costs if any products were overlooked.

Products that incur oversize fees have been noted on their product pages. You will see a tick box that must be checked prior to placing the product in your shopping cart, acknowledging that you understand an oversize fee will be added.

We charge only one oversize fee per order if all oversize items can ship in one box. For parts that we must ship in individual boxes, each oversize package will incur an oversize fee.

We do not charge oversize fees on orders that are shipped via Motor Freight.

Oversize fees are subject to change at any time without notice.

Crate Fees

Certain parts such as wing kits, frames, spars, vee struts, sheet metals, and other large items will incur a crate fee to cover our material and labor costs of building a custom crate for shipping.

Our website has been programmed to add the appropriate crate fee to any product that requires a crate. However, Univair reserves the right to adjust your final shipping costs if our material/labor costs increase or if we overlooked any products requiring a crate.

Note that all products requiring a wood crate can only be shipped via Motor Freight. No other shipping options will be shown during checkout.

The prices below are accurate at the time this article was published, but are subject to change at any time without notice.

Crate Code Description Price
CR1 One Wing Crate Fee $622.72
CR2 Two Wing Crate Fee $784.23
CR3 Frame Crate Fee $884.46
CR4 Plexiglass Crate Fee $33.02
CR5 Flat Steel and Aluminum Crate Fee $201.00
CR6* Spar Crate Fee* $90.00*
CR7 Shock Cord Labor (per cord) $25.16
CR8 55 Gallon Drum Crate Fee $79.90
CR9 Long Repair Section Crate Fee $218.17
CR10 Top Deck Crate Fee $262.50
CR12 Short Repair Section Crate Fee $158.61
CR16 Rolled Aluminum Crate Fee $140.00
CR17 Super Structure Crate Fee $262.50
CR18 Horizontal Stabilizer Crate Fee $185.00
CR-AIL Aileron Crate Fee $147.00
CR-BC312 Frame Cowl Crate Fee (Piper J-3/PA-12) $195.00
CR-BCPIP Frame Cowl Crate Fee (Piper PA-18) $178.00
CR-FLAP Flap Assemblies Crate Fee $113.00
CR-TS-3.5 3.5" Tail Surface Crate Fee $130.00
CR-TS-8 8" Tail Surface Crate Fee $143.00
CR-VSTRUT Vee Strut Crate Fee $241.00

*Products in this category will also be charged an Extreme Length Fee by carriers. See Other Fees below for more information.

European Union Customers: Crate charges for orders shipped to the European Union may be higher than those listed above. EU regulations require specially treated wood to prevent the infestation of the pinewood nematode. Our prices will be determined by the cost from our supplier. Orders may require an additional 7 to 10 business days to obtain these crates from our supplier.

Hazmat Fees

55 gallon drums will incur the CR8 drum fee shown above. 5 gallon cans do not incur any additional hazmat fees. Both sizes can only ship via Motor Freight.

Containers smaller than 5 gallons will incur an additional $25.00 hazmat fee when shipped via UPS Ground; no additional fee when shipped via Motor Freight.

Please see the article Restrictions on Shipping Hazmat Items for more details.

Export Documentation Fees

For all international orders, a 3% export fee (minimum of $3.00) will be added for Documentation of Airworthiness paperwork (form 8130-3) for civil aviation authorities in the customer's country. An additional $0.75 per item will be assessed for some countries due to extra documentation required by the country's aviation authority.

If 8130-3 paperwork is NOT required, you must make a note in the comment section during checkout, otherwise by default we will include it and add the appropriate charges to your order total.

Also note, if you cancel the 8130-3 paperwork when placing the order, Univair cannot send it separately after the order has shipped if you should change your mind later. The items will have to be returned to Univair at your expense, at which time Univair will then issue the 8130-3 paperwork and reship the parts again, also at your expense.

Other Fees

Below is a table of other fees that we are sometimes charged by shipping companies. We do not publish prices for these fees because carriers frequently change their rates. If your order incurs any of the below fees, you will be charged the current rate at the time it ships from our facility.

Type of Fee Definition
Over Length Fee Added to packages between 8 and 12 feet long
Extreme Length Fee Added to packages over 12 feet long
Airport Delivery Fee Fee for delivering to an airport address
Limited Access Fee Fee for delivering to addresses with limited access (construction sites, mines, churches, schools, gated communities, etc.)
Collect on Delivery (COD) Fee Fee that carriers charge for collecting payment at time of delivery; can be up to 6% of the order total
Any additional costs or fees charged to Univair by the carrier Univair will pass these costs along to the customer (such as fuel surcharges, delivery area surcharges, residential delivery fees, etc.)

A Note About Free Shipping

On orders that qualify for free shipping (see article), note that Univair pays the base shipping cost, and the customer pays for any of the add-on fees listed in this article.