Order Status Definitions

NOTE: Only orders placed through our website will receive the automated status updates listed below. For updates on orders placed via phone, fax, mail or email, please contact your salesperson.

"Order Status Update" emails will be sent to the email you used during checkout. Below are some of the more common statuses and what they mean. Statuses of website orders can also be found by signing into your online account.

Received and In ProcessYour order was received by Univair and will be processed shortly.
Awaiting PaymentYour order was received by Univair but payment has yet to be confirmed. This usually applies to orders using our Open Account payment option, but can also occur for credit card transactions if the payment is declined by the customer's bank.
Awaiting ShipmentYour order has been entered into our computer system and is waiting for fulfillment and/or shipping.
Partially ShippedOnly some items in your order have been shipped, due to some items being out of stock or on backorder.
ShippedYour full order has shipped. Tracking number(s) will usually be included in the email. Note that tracking details are not usually available from the shipping company until 24-48 hours after pickup from our facility.
CancelledUnivair has cancelled the order, usually due to:
  • Customer requested the cancellation
  • Stock issues (NLA, backorder, out-of-stock, etc.)
  • Payment issues (payment fraud, no payment method provided, etc.)
  • Delivery issues (incorrect delivery address, product cannot be shipped to customer's country, etc.)
RefundedUnivair has issued a refund for the order per our Refund Policy.
Partially RefundedUnivair has issued a partial refund for the order per our Refund Policy.