Lost, Stolen or Damaged Shipments

 Free On Board (FOB) Shipments

All orders are shipped Free On Board (FOB) Origin from Aurora, Colorado, USA. That means product ownership and risk of loss passes to you as soon as it is loaded onto a delivery vehicle at our facility. Univair is not responsible for replacing or refunding lost, damaged, or stolen shipments. However, we can handle the claims process for you depending on which carrier was used.

Stolen Packages

It is your responsibility to be present when your order is delivered. Univair is not responsible for replacing or refunding any stolen goods once the tracking number shows that the shipment has been delivered. If you believe a package has been stolen after it was delivered, you will need to file a claim with the carrier (not Univair), and contact your local police precinct to further the matter.

Lost or Damaged During Shipping

If a shipment is lost or damaged during transit, a claim will need to be made with the carrier. Depending on which carrier was used, Univair may or may not handle the claim for you. FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service all require claims to be made within 60 days of the shipment date.

Filing a Claim

The process for filing a claim with the different carriers is as follows:

If the order is shipped via: Who files the claim?
UPS or FedEx Contact Univair as soon as possible and we will handle the claims process for you.
United States Postal Service (USPS) The customer must file their own claim with the post office. Visit their website for information on starting the claims process.
Truck, air, or ocean freight The customer must file their own claim with the freight company.

Freight Deliveries

★ IMPORTANT: Inspect your outer packaging and the contents for damage BEFORE ACCEPTING DELIVERY. Univair is not responsible for replacing or refunding parts damaged by the freight company. ★

  • SIGNATURE REQUIRED: All freight companies require a signature before the shipment is released. You or your representative must be present to accept delivery.
  • INSPECT YOUR ORDER CAREFULLY: Once you sign for the delivery, you are accepting the shipment AS IS and take responsibility for any damage that occurred during transport. If you sign for the shipment without documenting any damage, the freight company will deny your claim.
  • MINOR DAMAGE: If you notice minor damage to the packaging and/or product(s) and want to accept the delivery as is, make a note of all damage (crate, packaging, parts) on the delivery receipt and take pictures BEFORE signing the release form.
  • SEVERE DAMAGE: If it is severely damaged you can refuse delivery and the shipment will be returned to Univair. Once we receive the item(s), we will contact you regarding a refund or replacement.
  • RETURNS/REFUNDS: If you sign the release form without documenting any damage, then the parts are not eligible for a return or refund. Univair does not refund shipping fees or crate fees for any reason. For returns, the customer is responsible for paying the return freight charges. See our Returns & Refunds Policy for more details.
  • CLAIMS: The customer must file their own claim with the freight company.

FedEx and UPS Deliveries

  • SIGNATURE: We do not require a signature for FedEx and UPS shipments, however we recommend that you be present at time of delivery to inspect your packages for damage.
  • CLAIMS: Claims for lost or damaged items must be made with Univair as soon as possible. Claims for stolen packages must be handled by the customer (not Univair); see the Stolen Packages section above for more details.
  • DAMAGE: We will require photos of the damage before we start the claims process. Photos must clearly show any damage to the packaging as well as the part(s). Contact a Univair sales representative for further requirements.