Can you tell me if a certain part will fit my airplane?

We have a large library of aircraft parts manuals, reference drawings, blueprints and other resources that allow us to research parts and modifications for many makes and models of classic and antique aircraft.

Keep in mind that we can only provide technical information on the makes and models of aircraft that we support; to see the full list of supported airplanes click here. Univair cannot provide technical information for makes and models outside of our current line, nor for home-built or experimental designs.

We can determine if a part is approved for your particular aircraft based on what has been done in the last 70 years, but we cannot determine if a part will fit your exact aircraft due to changes or modifications done by you or previous owners.

On some airplanes like Luscombes, parts have to be hand fit and may need some reworking by you to get the part to fit exactly.

For help in researching parts, contact our sales department by phone or email with your questions.

NOTE: We are not A&P mechanics and cannot offer installation help on parts.