Where does Univair ship?

Univair ships worldwide to over 200 countries, to both residential and business addresses.

Carriers sometimes impose delivery restrictions on a shipment due to its content, dimensions, weight, value or other factors, but with over 75 years of experience in the industry we can generally get your order to you one way or another!

  • FedEx and UPS are available for both domestic and international orders. Currently we do not use the United States Postal Service except in rare circumstances (see this article for further details).
  • Motor Freight and Air Freight are available for both domestic and international shipments. Ocean Freight is also available for overseas shipments.
  • If you use a broker based in the United States, we can ship to them for export.
  • We can deliver to hotels and convention centers for international customers visiting the U.S., but only if we are able to schedule a delivery during your stay.
  • We can ship to air shows in the United States, but only if we can schedule a delivery during the event's dates. Packages may require Overnight, 2-day or 3-day delivery.
  • When shipping internationally, Univair will follow all customs, taxes, and import/export laws of your country, as well as those of the United States. Note that we do not collect or remit import fees, duties, tariffs, taxes, etc. for other countries. These costs are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Univair is not responsible for delays in Customs. We will not reduce or refund shipping costs if an order is delayed by any Customs agency.