Can I get a quote from you?

NOTE: We are not a wholesaler and do not source parts or materials for other companies. We will ONLY provide quotes for parts, supplies, and materials that are part of our normal inventory (found on our website).

We welcome requests for quotes from both retail and wholesale customers, however please note the following:

  • We do not offer volume discounts to retail customers. The prices published in our catalog, website, and advertisements are firm regardless of the quantity purchased (subject to market changes without notice.)
  • To help expedite the process please be sure to include the EXACT part number(s) and quantities required.
  • If you want your quote to include shipping charges, be sure to include your full shipping address. Note that the quoted shipping fees will be an ESTIMATE only and are not 100% accurate.
  • We do not quote products that are not a part of our normal inventory (i.e., car parts, electronics, batteries, machinery, tools, lumber, etc.).
  • Quoted prices are good for 10 days only from the date of the quote, and are subject to change.

Requests for quotes can be emailed to our sales department by using our Contact Form.

Dealer Accounts / Wholesalers

  • Companies wanting dealer discounts will first need to send us a copy of their Tax ID issued by their state. See the article "Net 30 Accounts and Dealers Accounts" for the requirements.
  • For existing Dealer Accounts, please contact your assigned salesperson directly with your RFQ.