Special Shipping and Handling Fees

Univair reserves the right to add additional charges to your order for the following reasons:

Type of Fee
Oversize Fee
Packages that exceed 84 inches in girth (L x W x H); see details
Hazardous Material Fee
Fee charged on 5 gallon or higher containers of hazmat prodcuts; see details
Crating Charge
Covers the cost of building custom wood crates used to ship large items via freight, see details
Multiple Shipments on One Order
Each package in your order will be charged full shipping costs
Trucking Fees from Freight Carriers
Any additional fees imposed by freight companies beyond standard pick-up, delivery, and drop-off charges
Export Fee
Taxes, duties, tariffs, etc. imposed by government entities for shipping outside the U.S.; see details
Airworthiness Documentation Fee
Costs for filling out and submitting 8130 export documentation; see details
Over Length Fee
Added to packages between 8 and 12 feet long
Extreme Length Fee
Added to packages over 12 feet in length
Airport Delivery Fees
Fee for delivering to an airport address
Limited Access Fees
Fee for delivering to addresses with limited access (construction sites, mines, churches, schools, gated communities, etc.)
Collect On Delivery (COD) Fee
Fee that carriers charge for collecting payment at time of delivery; can be up to 6% of the order total
Any additional costs or fees charged to Univair by the carrier
Univair will pass these costs along to the customer

We do not publish the rates for the above charges because carriers frequently change their rates. If your order incurs any of the above fees, you will be charged the going rate at the time it ships from our facility.

We have attempted to indicate which items qualify for special shipping or handling fees in the product descriptions, and our website has been programmed to add fixed costs such as Oversize, Crating, and Hazmat Fees to the shipping quote you see during checkout. However, in the event that we have overlooked an item we reserve the right to make changes to your final shipping costs. Variable costs such as export documentation fees and multiple package costs cannot be determined until the order is packed and ready to ship, therefore these costs are NOT shown in your shipping quote during checkout.

For more detailed information regarding special shipping, crating and handling fees, please refer to the Shipping Help articles in our Knowledge Base.

Univair reserves the right to adjust your final shipping charges on your credit card/PayPal account at the time your order is shipped.