Crating Fees

Certain parts such as wings, frames, spars, vee struts, sheet metals and other large items will incur a crating charge to cover our costs (supplies and labor) of building a custom crate for shipping.

Our website has been programmed to add the appropriate crate fee to any product that requires a crate. However, Univair reserves the right to adjust your final shipping costs if our material costs have increased or if we overlooked any products requiring a crate.

Crating fees shown below are subject to change at any time without notice.

Please note that crating charges are in addition to shipping charges.

The prices below are accurate at the time this article was published. Univair reserves the right to adjust the crating charges below at any time without notice.

Crate CodeDescriptionPrice
CR1One Wing Crating Charge$622.72
CR2Two Wing Crating Charge$784.23
CR3Frame Crating Charge$884.46
CR4Plexiglas Crating Charge$33.02
CR5Flat Steel/Aluminum Crating Charge$201.00
CR6Spar Crating Charge$90.00
CR7Shock Cord Labor (per cord)$21.13
CR855 Gallon Drum Crating Charge$79.90
CR9Long Repair Section Crating Charge$218.17
CR10Top Deck Crating Charge$262.50
CR-VSTRUTVee Strut Crating Charge$185.00
CR12Short Repair Section Crating Charge$158.61
CR-BC312Frame Cowl Crating Charge (Piper J-3/PA-12)
Frame Cowl Crating Charge (Piper PA-18)
CR-AILAileron Crating Charge$144.00
CR-TS-3.53.5" Tail Surface Crating Charge$120.00
8" Tail Surface Crating Charge
CR16Rolled Aluminum Crating Charge$115.05
CR17Super Structure Crating Charge$262.50
CR18Horizontal Stabilizer Crating Charge$185.00